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I Quick Loans have been one of the UK's top payday lenders for a number of years now. Providing short term cash to those who find their finances not quite stretching to the month end for whatever reason. We don't even ask why you need the cash which is one of the reasons why we think we are better than most of the other lenders who operate in the same market as ourselves.

Cash Advances or Cash Loans what is the difference

While we try to make things as easy as possible to understand on our site, there are instances when we slip into industry speak. It is only natural as we eat, sleep and drink loans in the office. We understand that this can be confusing to many people who have no idea what the difference is and whether they should choose a same day loan or a short term loan for their needs. Well we have a confession to make, they are all the same really. Different people call them different things but the reality is that all of these cash advances, see we did it again there, work in the same way. You borrow money from a lender usually until your next pay day (which is where the most popular term for these loans comes from) and then pay it back once your wages have been paid. The idea behind them is to tide you over between wages, because lets face it 30 days can be a long time to go when something unexpected pops up. We have people borrow for boiler repairs, vet bills and even presents for forgotten birthdays.

The advantages of using

Well for a start we think we have a pretty funky name, like an iPad but for borrowing money! But if you would like a serious answer, then we would say that with access to one of the largest panel's of UK payday lenders, fast approval and near instant transfer of money into your bank account we think you would be mad not to use us for your cash needs.

Can I apply if I have bad credit?

As a responsible lender, we believe in being upfront about all things. Even the stuff other lenders would rather not tell you. So while not having perfect credit is ok, the reality is that each application is assessed on a case by case basis. There is no one criteria fits all unfortunately. What we will say however, is that due to the way we match lenders and borrowers there is a better chance of being approved compared to going directly to one lender.